Grobanites For Charity Merges with Find Your Light!

Find Your Light is thrilled to welcome the incredible team that has operated Grobanites for Charity into the FYL fold. Since 2004, with amazing fan support, GFC raised almost $1.1MM for FYL while also touching many children’s lives through programs such as the Grobanite Toy Drive, Tender Totes and Heavenly Dreams, and Covered with Love. As well as all the Blanket Drives for Siyawela/Zamimpilo and gift drives for the South Central Scholars Fund.

As a result of the merge, the GFC Team will stay intact and become the Find Your Light Council, whose efforts will continue their engagement with the fans and with everyone who worked so hard with GFC in the past.

As we make this transition, we want to thank the GFC project leaders and all the volunteers for their many years of hard work and dedication. We’d especially like to thank Larry Allred (Grobanite Toy Drive), Janice LaFreniere (Covered with Love), Karen Loden and Kim Levin (Grobanites for Africa), Marilyn Webb (Tender Totes and Research), Diana Krueger (Social Media), Alice Parker (Per Te Café and South Central Scholars projects), and all the wonderful Merchandise Mailers.

Here’s to a fruitful future of working together as one organization!


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