Grant Application Information

Dear Arts Organization,

We have put together this grant application to allow for arts groups throughout North America to apply for funding from the Find Your Light Foundation.

Before completing and submitting your application, please review our mission statement to ensure your goals fit within our guidelines:

The Find Your Light Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to experience a quality arts education. We believe that is best achieved through direct support of exceptional arts programs combined with education, advocacy and outreach. We focus support where the need is greatest to educate and inspire others to recognize arts education as a critical component of a young person’s development.

Find Your Light Foundation grants are awarded to arts education based programs in low-income areas across North America. Awards are issued in the Summer and Winter of each year, and generally range between $5,000 and $15,000.

Size of award is determined by the scoring of the application by our grant review team, the budget size of the requested program/organization, the use of arts education, innovation, and community need.


  1. If you have a question, please email us at
  2. Answer all the questions in each section, unless otherwise indicated.
  3. Do not include any materials other than those specifically requested at this time.
  4. Find Your Light may follow-up with a request for more information or materials highlighting previous work.

Find Your Light Foundations Grant Application Questions

  • Name of Organization:
  • Doing Business As:
  • Organization Website:
  • Date of Application:
  • FYLF Past Funding:
  • Are you a registered 501(c)3 organization?
  • Tax Exempt ID # (EIN) and IRS Ruling Year:
  • Name of Executive Director:
  • Contact Name:
  • Title:
  • Phone:
  • Email:
  • Street Address:
  • Mailing Address:
  • What type of Arts Education Programing?
  • Organization’s Budgeted Expenses for Current Year:
  • Endowment Size (market value as of fiscal year mm/dd/yy
  • Organization’s Major Funding Sources:
  • Is your organization affiliated with a school or school system?
  • Program/Project Title:
  • Total budget for the program/project
  • Requested grant amount from FYL:
  • Anticipated program/project start date:
  • Community/Geographic are served by this program/project:
  • State where program/project is served:
  • Total estimated number of youths served during grant period:
  • Brief demographic breakdown of students served:
  • Type of Request (check all that apply)
    • Program
    • Operating
    • Program Start-up
    • Other (specify)
  • Executive Director
  • Board President
  • Question#1: Introduction of your organization and your proposal, and makes a strategic link between your proposal and the mission of Find Your Light Foundation.
  • Question#2: Brief summary of organization’s history and mission statement:
  • Question#3: Brief description of current programs/projects and activities.
  • Question#4: Evidence of organization’s overall effectiveness (please list achievement of specific organizational or program goals):
  • Question#5: Description of population and geographic region served by this organization
  • Question#6: Description of program/project, including summary description of overall arts program/project to be funded under this grant and brief description of goals and objectives for arts program/project.
  • Question#7: If this will be an ongoing program/project, describe plans and specific sources for future/long-term funding.


  1. List of grants greater than $10,000 (including funder name and amount) received during your organization’s two most recently completed fiscal years.
  2. Total organizational budget for current fiscal year including a column showing the organization’s year-to-date status (budget vs. actual).
  3. Total project request budget
  4. Most recently completed Form 990 (if applicable)


  1. IRS letter of determination of 501(c)(3) status if applicable
  2. List of key staff members and qualifications, or an organizational chart
  3. Additionally include one to two examples of program or project work to support your application (video, brochure, etc.)


Have Questions? Please reach out to

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