A Message from Josh Groban…

Throughout my life and career, giving back has been a constant and a joy for me. My family instilled this in me as a kid and my fans have continued to nourish that love as I’ve ventured into the blessed existence that has been my short career. Together with the generous contributors inside and outside of my fan base, we have the potential to do wonderful things in the world.

Josh Image (2)The combination of my personal experience and belief that the arts in children’s and young adults’ lives help shape and change them for the better, and the sobering reality that these are the exact programs that are being cut from our schools and society at a drastic rate, make me more attuned than ever to the need for the work of Find Your Light.

I have seen these opportunities change lives. It is my honor and privilege to be able to give back in this way and expand with all of your help. I look forward to the journey ahead and thank you in advance for helping give countless students the chance to find their light.

Thank you,

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